The summer sun is unkind to all. Be it a kid playing innocently in the park or an adult trying to commute to work, the punishment of excruciating heat is equal. Thanks to global warming, each year the rise in temperature makes the coming summer more unbearable than the previous. Exposure to harsh sun leads to various problems making it mandatory to find a way that keeps you cool all day long. Read along to find the quick fix that you will be hooked on to this summer and for all the summers yet to come.

Side-effects of Summer Heat

Extreme heat causes rise in body temperature which leads to the following problems –
  1. Fluctuation in blood pressure
  2. Low blood sugar levels
  3. Migraine
  4. Nasal bleeds
  5. Heat stroke
  1. Lethargy and fatigue
  2. Exacerbates existing health problems
  3. Palpitations
  4. Nausea and dizziness
  5. Scalp irritation and hair loss

Stay Cool with LooLoo Roshan-e-Zulf

Harsh sun and heat majorly affect the head. The above problems mainly occur due to the effect of heat on the head. Cooling down your scalp relaxes the body and keeps you safe from heat-induced problems. It’s time you put a pause on summer heat with LooLoo Roshan-e-Zulf.

LooLoo Roshn-e-Zulf is a herbal hair oil that induces a strong cooling sensation the moment it touches the scalp. The oil derives this ultra-cooling effect from abundance of natural Mint extract.

The intensity of mint is strong enough to spread all the way down to the neck and shoulders and lasts even after shower. The cooling sensation of Roshan-e-Zulf overpowers the irritating effect of summer heat setting you free from scalp irritation, headache, stress, lethargy, and nausea. Apply LooLoo Roshan-e-Zulf before stepping out in the sun to prevent nose bleeds, heat stroke, and fluctuating blood pressure. It also nourishes hair due to the presence of Brahmi and Henna curbing hair loss and frizz.

LooLoo Roshan-e-Zulf is your doorway to a pleasant, fuss-free summer.