LooLoo Herbal Dental Gel Laung (Clove) 100g

(3 customer reviews)


(3 customer reviews)

LooLoo Herbal Dental Gel Laung contains eugenol extracted from Zanzibar cloves that are known for their quality and efficacy. The effect of eugenol is enhanced with Aqarqarah (Longwort), Mulethi (Licorice), and Alum. This dental gel works as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial that maintains complete oral health.

LooLoo Herbal Dental Gels are free from triclosan, parabens, fluoride, and animal derived components. LooLoo uses 100% vegetarian, herbal ingredients that are purely beneficial for oral health and produce no side-effects even after long-term use.
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Laung (Syzygium aromaticum)
Powerful analgesic, antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory which curbs toothache and gum inflammation, eliminates bad breath and plaque formation.

Aqarqarah (Anacylus pyrethrum)
Prevents tooth decay, stimulates saliva production preventing dryness of mouth, and soothes masticatory muscles.

Mulethi (Glycyrrhiza glabra)
Contains antibacterial substances,Licoricidin, Licorisoflavan A, and Glycyrrhizin which kill all forms of oral bacteria.

Abrasive which is gentle on tooth enamel and harsh on stains and plaque causing bacteria.

  • Brush teeth twice a day with LooLoo Herbal Dental Gel Laung for at least three minutes.
  • Thoroughly gargle preferably with lukewarm water else use regular water.
  • For a stronger double action against bacteria, brush your teeth with a sprinkle of LooLoo Herbal Medicated Tooth Powder Neem over LooLoo Herbal Dental Gel Laung.
  • Curbs Bleeding of Gums
  • Relieves Toothache and Gum Inflammation
  • Removes Tooth Stains and Plaque
  • Eliminates Bad Breath and Stimulates Saliva Production
  • Kills All Forms of Bacterial Growth

3 reviews for LooLoo Herbal Dental Gel Laung (Clove) 100g

  1. Pratibha Thakur (verified owner)

    It’s really awesome.
    There are so much relief in my toothache.
    Thanks a lot team for such a wonderful product


  2. Pravin Chavan

    It is one of the nicest product. I am happy to use this product.

  3. Santosh bhandari (verified owner)

    Mast h loo loo laung herbal dental gel ESS gel ko karne SE bht acha feel hota. Mere teeth ki bht problem thi to muje kisi NE kaha ki ye use karo bht acha h to Mene use kiya to bht acha laga

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