Author: Nida Faruqui

Is Working from Home Damaging Your Body?

This pandemic has been a true test of patience. The possibility of resurrection of the normal, simple, pleasant way of life seems to be far-fetched with the increasing chaos and uncertainty. However, it’s time to take charge of the wheel and steer yourself in the direction of healthy living.

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Why It’s Important to Stay Cool in Summers

The summer sun is unkind to all. Be it a kid playing innocently in the park or an adult trying to commute to work, the punishment of excruciating heat is equal. Thanks to global warming, each year the rise in temperature makes the coming summer more unbearable than the previous.

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Treating Common Cold in Winters

Common cold is the most “common” side-effect of Winter. The shorter days and longer nights imply lesser sunlight exposure making one vulnerable to viral infections. Lack of sunlight leads to weak immunity causing frequent bouts of cold and flu.

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Golden Turmeric Drinks for a Boost in Health

Turmeric has been revered as the healing herb due to its active component Curcumin. Curcumin is responsible for the anti-inflammatory effect, rich antioxidant content, and healing properties of turmeric. Turmeric helps the body fight any foreign viruses and repairs damage caused to the organs.

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