Since 1847, Hasham Manji Padamshi Surmawalla has been known for its brand Khojati. Late Mr. Amin Usman Banatwalla, the 5th generation of Khojati, initiated the brand LooLoo in the year 1997 which became an emblem of purity and trust across the globe. He was a visionary who left behind the legacy of uniqueness, purity, and integrity for his sons, instilling in them the never-ending rigor to serve humanity. LooLoo, as a brand, proves itself due to the undying creativity and perpetual curiosity of Mr. Zahid Amin Banatwalla along with the invincible conviction and endless persistence of Mr. Bilal Amin Banatwalla. Cohesive efforts of the duo established LooLoo as a brand that is revered and trusted in India and across the globe.

LooLoo executes its vision for providing pure, herbal, Unani remedies through a wide range of products including dental care, massage oils, roll-on oil for cold and headache, and health enriching immunity boosters. The R&D department at LooLoo is responsible and efficient in developing its range of 100% Vegetarian, all-natural products.

LooLoo Herbal is a progressive, research-based health and wellness organization that focuses on developing innovative and natural product solutions. Imbibing the essence of Unani medicine, LooLoo products are pure as a pearl created with honest efforts and cautious perseverance. A substantial amount of time and effort is invested in making sure that the resulting products provide long lasting relief and are devoid of any side-effects.

Blessed to Cure Since Generations, Naturally