The house of Khojati has been associated with quality eye care products for over 150 years.

In 1997 a new range of non eye care products was introduced under the brand name LOOLOO which in Arabic means pearl. A pearl implies purity which reinforces the company’s commitment to produce quality products for our valuable customers. A new state of the art GMP certified plant was set up at Sinnar in Nashik district (Maharashtra).

We have a modern R & D unit which constantly innovates new products and improves the existing range. Strict quality control procedures are adhered to in the manufacture of our products. The man behind the development of this brand was Mr. Amin Usman Banatwalla who through his years of experience and immense knowledge has given us many such ideas which in turn has always benefited humanity.

The first products introduced were an oral care range of toothpowders in three refreshing flavours of Laung, Neem and Meswak/Kalaunji. These toothpowders are purely herbal and vegetarian.

Brand Looloo was further expanded with the introduction of a whole new range of healthcare products starting with herbal oils. These oils give relie from ailments caused due to today’s fast pace life such as joint pains, stress, headaches and acidity.

The youth of today demands convenient and easy to use products. In keeping with the times, we launched India’s first Unani range of herbal dental gels in the same three refreshing flavours which combines the goodness of the toothpowders along with the ease of use.

All our products are designed and packaged in such a way that not only do they appeal to the customers but also educate them. As customer is the king, we believe in the try and buy strategy for marketing our products which differentiates us from our competitors. We distribute free samples of our products to our customers and elicit their valuable feedback.

We look forward to a brighter future by moving a step ahead and introducing additional personal care products like herbal soaps, shampoos,lipsticks and lotions. This would give our esteemed customers a varied range of products of assured quality under one umbrella brand.