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Looloo Oleo Kalonji


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loolooherbal joint relief Oleo Rheuma 50ml

Looloo Oleo Rheuma 50ml (Pack of 3)

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Joint aches and muscle pains have now become a common complaint among individuals of various age groups. Popping pain killers on a daily basis is certainly not advisable. Therefore, an alternative, and that too a better one, is application of oils or ointments that take over the pain. Oleo Rheuma, a herbal liniment, not only takes over the pain, but also heals the inflamed joints and muscles thereby providing a long term relief to the user. Cinnamon oil, clove oil, black seed oil, and menthol are some of its core ingredients that are widely known for their anti-rheumatic effects. Oleo Rheuma, thus, works effectively to provide instant relief from pain.
SKU: Looloo Oleo Rheuma 50ml

0 out of 5