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  • Looloo Kalaunji Oil 50 ml


    Looloo Kalaunji Oil 50 ml

    This valuable oil is made by cold pressing Kalaunji (L.Nigella Sativa, Habbat-us-Sauda in Arabic) seeds.
    The use of these seeds is also mentioned in many religious scriptures.This method preserves the valuable quinones that give the oil it’s special therapeutic use. The thymoquinone and thymohydroquinone in the oil have multipurpose uses.some of them are:

    Anti-Bacterial, Anti Inflammatory, Anti-oxidant, Anti-fungal and anti-coagulant.It helps in a variety of conditions like Strengthening the heart, reducing allergies like cold and cough, skin toning, helping reduce boils and acne ,improving digestion, improving sleep ,relieving nausea and upset stomach, relieving joint and muscle pain reducing stress and boosting general immunity against a host of other ailments.

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  • Looloo Oleo Kalaun


    Looloo Oleo Kalaun

    Kalaunji (I. Nigella Sativa) is one of the most valuable herbs known in nature. It is known as “Habbatus Sauda”
    – the black seed – or “Habbat al Barakah” – the blessed seed – in the Middle East due to its powerful healing
    qualities. Olive oil on the other hand is the main cooking medium for the people in the Arabian peninsula.
    Khojati now presents a combination of these two in LOOLOO OLEO KALAUN kalaunji oil combined with the
    purest quality olive oil. This oil is useful for many ailments.

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