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Looloo Oleo Hayat 25ml

Looloo Oleo Hayat 25ml

Looloo Oleo Hayat 25ml

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Looloo Oleo Hayat 25ml

Looloo oleo-hayat herbal massage oil is an excellent antiseptic containing curcumin which is very good when applied on open wounds, bruises, cuts and burns. Guggul on the other hand is a very good pain reliver and increases blood flow when massaged on the body. Kalaunji is one of the most valuable herbs known to mankind.

Directions for use: cuts, burns and wounds: wash the area around the burn or wounds with could water. Apply a small quantity of the oil and leave open for the blister to form. Skin ailments: clean the affected area thoroughly with lukewarm water and apply a small quantity of oil on it.


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