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Herbal Dental
Gels & Powders

Looloo offer a range which is 100% vegetarian. The tooth products do not contain components, such as calcium, derived from animals.

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Oleo Rheuma

Looloo Oleo Rheuma, a herbal liniment, not only takes over the pain, but also heals the inflamed joints and muscles.

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revitalise your hair

Mumtaz Amla Hair Oil: Contains the natural goodness of amla (L. Phyllanthus emblica) and neem.

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Oleo Cold Shield

Looloo Oleo Cold Shield contains the valuable extracts of Kalonji and other essential oils to give instant relief from cold and headache.

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The Looloo herbal commitment

We at LooLoo Herbal truly believe in this tenet. A progressive, research based health and wellness organization,
we focus on developing innovative and natural product solutions.

Our Blogs

Treating Common Cold in Winters

Breathe easy with a blast of freshness with LooLoo Oleo Cold Shield Roll-On Oil – Unique amalgamation of essential oils that grants Instant Relief from congestion and headache.

Golden Turmeric Drinks for a Boost in Health

Turmeric is the golden herb that keeps you in the pink of health. Take advantage of the health enriching properties of turmeric with the help of two potent, herbal concoctions.

Relieving Seasonal Allergies with Essential Oils

The best way to treat seasonal allergies is to use essential oils regularly. Steam therapy, warm infusions, and roll on oils are at hand fast relief from itchy, runny nose, watery eyes, and congestion.